Yoga for Health….Truly, it IS for your Health!  For without Health, what Limitations do you Feel in Life?


1 hour              $  75
1 1/4 hour       $  90
1 1/2 hour       $105

I am certified in the Amrit Method of Body Psychology which allows knowledgeable yoga therapy, application of asana techniques, and guidance in unblocking issues of discomfort.


I am drawn to alignment awareness in my teaching style as well as to the fullness of the yogic tradition.  I have been teaching since 2003 and enjoying being a student since 1981. Yoga has kept me open since 1985 to support a full-time career in massage therapy.  I value the stamina, energy and calmness I get from practicing yoga.

From my hiking experience, I have learned that there are many paths up the mountain.  They allow for different journeys, but you always get to the top.  So, I am not solely teaching from any one tradition.  You can get to the top of a yoga idea or posture from many angles. 





  • Relaxation and stretch are great friends.  Together, they really have an effect on tension.
  • Our nervous system responds to emotional and mental tension which fires muscles into responding tenseness.
  • Have you ever noticed that you feel like you’re in a vice made by your own body when you’re tense?
  • So break the discomfort-tension cycle.  You can begin by stretching the tight musculature.
  • That takes some pressure off the nerves and begins a reverse cycle.
  • When you add deeper breathing into the mix, get ready for a wonderful onset of RELAXATION!


  • A sense of peace……BEing at ease…..
  • This naturally happens as we release the toxicity of life that has been embodied through our everyday living.
  • We detox through our breath, our movements, and our mind’s focus.
  • Yoga brings all of these together resulting in a clean gentleness of existence.


  • During yoga class, you move from the typical state of mind that has so much activity, it often seems the thoughts and images are overlapping, to the state of mind of having one unrushed focus at a time.
  • Yoga that uses the body as the tool for moving meditation practice gives you the chance to feel things such as sensations and alignments, one at a time, with depth and awareness.
  • It gives the mind a break, a breath of fresh air.
  • By the end of class you feel as if you’ve had a mini vacation!


  • The butterfly is such a perfect symbol for transformation.
  • When a Butterfly emerges into its new life, it is totally new in form, as every cell has been changed inside the cocoon.  When you go through your life’s changes, you emerge a new Being.
  • Truly, with every breath there is potential for transforming in some way.
  • Yoga is about noticing who you are and making room for change.  You breathe out the old, stale, ineffective part of you and then have space for the new life you choose to bring in.
  • Conscious transformation – now that’s the ticket to vibrant life!


The purpose of yoga is to yoke the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. You bring the work of one aspect into all the others.  For example, in the Asana class, you use the physical body as your tool to cleanse and open for better health.  Since you are interwoven in the aspects of your Being, all the others are affected and there is change through cleansing and opening in the emotions, mind and spirit.



“Yoga is ultimately not about wrapping our legs around our necks or arching back into beautiful back bends. 

It is about using the body as an instrument to fully realize and stay connected to our own inner joy, love, and compassion. 

Yoga is about opening our hearts with love and compassion to others who suffer in innumerable ways. 

Yoga is not about touching our toes.  It is about tenderly touching the hearts of the people around us. 

Miriam Austin — “Cool Yoga Tricks” 



To have ease of movement, strength, focus and balance in our physical body translates into these very things in other parts of your life.

As we practice opening our sense of love for ourselves, we fill the space with this most healing of all energies – loving kindness.  

As we create spaciousness inside the confines of our physical body, we allow that same space to come into our minds and hearts.

Eventually, it spills outward and has the possibility of affecting others.  What a wonderful gift to offer to this world!