I began my career as a massage therapist in 1985.  I had been teaching at a local middle school for 3 years.  The consistent remark on my evaluations was that I touched too much!  I still disagree and remain strong in my belief that our children need all the touch they can find in a society that tends toward individual seclusion.  The segue into massage as therapy was easy and it has been a natural fit for me.

I have enjoyed constantly enlarging my scope of understanding and learning new techniques of massage throughout the years.  Most recently, I have been certified as a Master Practitioner of Phenomenal Touch Massage.  This form of massage is special because of the bringing together of multiple modalities and binding them together with principles of a deep spiritual loving attitude.

In 2009 I became certified as a Phenomenal Touch Master Practitioner.

In 2005, I expanded my career to include Yoga For Health.  I am a Registered Yoga Teacher.