Phenomenal Touch Massage

My name is Sue Buell and I have owned Massage for Health since 1985. In 2009, I was certified in a massage modality called Phenomenal Touch.

Phenomenal Touch Massage includes over 75 essential principles and 100 unique three dimensional moves.

The difference between a typical massage and a Phenomenal Touch Massage isn’t just the difference in strokes or pressure.

It has much more to do with:

…the quality of touch
…the capacity to give pressure with body weight versus strength
…the stance, flow and smoothness of transitions
…the willingness to embrace the body three dimensionally
…using gravity to your advantage
…meeting the person where they are
…moving their body as if it were fluid
…loving each cell that you touch
…and entering a space so deep that you know by feel what the other needs

This type of touch creates a symphony—a dance that frees the other to know and become their true self. This type of touch is Phenomenal Touch Massage.

It is described by some as having qualities of Watsu (water massage), Trager (a mind-body movement re-education) and Thai massage (an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures), combined with Deep Tissue Work.  Phenomenal Touch is truly a unique, exceptional, and deeply rewarding experience for both those who receive and give this three-dimensional dance.

There is nothing else like it and nothing else as satisfying.  It is the ultimate evolution of masterful massage.

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